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The EUR-ACTIVE ROOFer database

Primal aim of the EUR-ACTIVE ROOFer project is to structure information of innovative - active - roofs. Structuring this information will enable designers as well as constructors and roofers to exchange information and knowledge related to Active Roofs more efficiently and effectively.

A concept-structure has been developed with students, as part of a special project, comparable with a design project. Master student Daan Bollier performed a detailed study on the database structure / website, assisted by technical staff of the Eindhoven University of Technology.

The database has a structure which enables both designer and constructor / roofer to work with the same information basis with a connection to the specific aspects related to their own specific background. By searching from each 'direction' the information for the constructor / roofer can end with the design information, and for the designer with construction-information.

For the constructor / roofer it can be valuable, for instance for developing new products, to get more general design information about a specific aspect. These users work in a more linear way, step by step. A step by step menu is offered to them, with very clear overviews and ways to decide. A search result will end with a format which gives a specific overview of the asked situation, with links to more general items.

An English user's manual is available to assist possible users. An English technical manual has the aim to support future maintenance and construction of the database and the website.

Download PDF file (789 kB)